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 Est-Co Offical Rules

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PostSubject: Est-Co Offical Rules   Fri May 01, 2009 4:31 am

Follow these at all times.

Chat Rules.
1. No Spamming
2. No Emoticons in name
3. No bad mouthing staff or Chat mods
4. No using xat powers such as Temp mod/kick unless you have permission from SweetAngel[PM]/Speed[PM]
5. Everything Lisa/Fhear say's it right.
6. NO making members on chat.
Fourm Rules
1. No cussing/swearing on posts/topics
2. No spam topic such as (HEY) all topic must be related to game or chat..
3. No mass private messaging members/fourm staff
4. No making random accounts just to get karma up.
Ingame Rules
1. No cussing/swearing in broadcast
2. No disrespecting Staff or other members
3. No pking im promo center
4. No making fun of peoples culture..
5. No Botting such as Speed hacking..
6. No spamming broadcast
7. No selling bots/hacks
Pm/Gm rules
1. you can only give 1 alt +12 but no cps without permission from SweetAngel/Speed
2. No pking dosent matter where (this rule may not be in effect no more)
3. No donating at all on PM/GM chars
4. No giving cps/gear to anyone at anytime
5. Dont kick noone for no reason.
6. Do not use the /kickall command (Not Sure if it works still)
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Est-Co Offical Rules
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